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Excavator videos for children | Trucks for Kids | Construction trucks for children | Siku toy truck (再生回数:378,025)
アンパンマンのおもちゃ サプライズエッグ Anpanman Surprise egg (再生回数:26,250,744)

20sarasa(にーさら) 概要






This YouTube channel, 20sarasa, is for Children.

I have a 3 years old boy: he will show up this channel often.

Not only my son's favorite toys but also my favorite toys will be introduced.
You will enjoy various toy cars, different types of play house toys such as cooking and furniture sets, *Ultramans, and **Anpan-man!
Your kids will love them!

Recently my son loves construction vehicles and ***Bullet Trains (Shinkansen)!
So that, many kinds of these type of toys will be on this channel, 20sarasa, more often.

Please subscribe my channel or "l like this."

* Ultramans are very Japanese good-old superhero.
** Anpan-man is Japanese most popular anime series among young children!
***Bullet Train is a most famous network of high-speed railway lines in Japan.

Your kids will love them!

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