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Merry-Go-Round DIY Candy Do you like Candy Amusement Park? (再生回数:4,671)
Doraemon Happy School Lunch Re-MeNT ~ ドラえもん 楽しい給食 リーメント (再生回数:17,007,496)

japanesestuffchannel 概要

Welcome to Weird Japan! Welcome to Japanese Stuff Channel(call me jsc)!
This channel is mainly run by jsc and sometimes(very rare) decocookie.
Japanese Stuff Channel shows Japanese stuffs like vending machines, gacha, Cooking Toys, Squishies, DIY candies and so on. In short, I show Japanese kawaii,cute,cool and weird items.I will upload a video everyday(sometimes a few videos)!
I basically don't show myself and don't speak in my videos, so my videos are like ASMR.
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