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Sweet Sound Stained Glass Cookies (再生回数:120,521)
Jewel No-Bake Cheesecake ジュエルレアチーズケーキ (再生回数:16,591,260)

decocookie 概要

Dear Subscribers

Now,i can't post videos periodically,because of our,please wait until settle in.
always thank you for watching my videos!! :))

This channel introduces Japanese DIY Candy(including Popin'Cookin,meiji,glico,coris,MUJI ...etc.) Wagashi(Japanese-style confectionery) and original sweets.Basically,I'll upload a new video(no-music) on Monday and on a whim(when I would like to show something to you)!
I make this channel with my husband. If you like our video,please subscribe our channel;-)


姉妹チャンネルのjapanese stuff channelは夫がメインでやっています。もし気に入っていただけたらチャンネル登録してくださいね!(o­^-^o)

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